modern office furniture

Using furniture to create a modern work space

According to this study by Innovative Workplaces;

Work Strategies + Space + Culture = Workplace

In this article, we are going to discuss work spaces that help boost positive attitude and productivity. A work space contains the tangible and intangible factors; the tangible being the layout of the furniture work  work space and the furniture work, available from companies like It is ergonomics of the work space that helps boost performance.

As you can see, all the parameters in the following equation are directly proportional.

Performance = Ability x Motivation x Opportunity

The question is – How do you use the architecture, the design and the layout of the space to boost positive attitude of the staff in a manner that brings vibrancy and motivation into daily work settings?

In order to understand this, we will recommend the following fundamental design elements to boost positive attitude;

  • Access to open views, daylight, and nature
  • Check the thermal comfort of the ambiance
  • Work in variability and sensory change
  • Use soothing uplifting colors
  • Mind the noise level
  • Prevent crowding
  • Consider the ergonomics of space and furniture
  • Freshen the indoor air
  • Offer choices for work and play
  • Use a layout that encourages employee engagement

The design and layout of a work space can increase productivity by offering comfortable ambient conditions. These allow the individual to control and adjust these conditions to reduce safety and health risks such as uncomfortable or even hazardous elements that can distract. A workplace can positively impact on the teams motivation by promoting better effective (relating to moods, feelings, and attitudes.) functioning. This, in turn, gives a sense of control over the environment leading to psychological engagement. The mood creates the effective context for creativity and efficiency. The enhanced moods boost creativity which has a cyclic relationship with motivation.

The design of the workplace can affect the opportunities to provide impartial access to good working conditions. This offers equal access to amenities, reduces health and safety risks, promoting equity. Therefore, through the correct use of layout, design and furniture work, a workplace can be made into a happy creative space, a space where the right mix of opportunity, ability, and motivation enhance human performance.